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Gaps Between Management and Staff

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What are the most significant gaps between management and staff?

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What are the most significant gaps between management and staff?

The major gap between the two groups is trust (Cuneo, 1998).

Aware of these gaps, Robin (2010) said that "There is an age-old gap between management and those managed. Employees often suspect management's motives and resent having authority imposed on them. Simultaneously, managers are only human. Some try to delegate authority still pretending to be in charge. Others resist change or get side-tracked by office politics and unintentionally take prisoners."

The study of Cuneo (1998) suggests the top three (3) recommendations to bridge this gap:
1. A two-way communication strategy should be developed to ensure information is passed both ways in a personable manner. Accordingly, the communication method should be person to person, if possible, and this should form part of the ...

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This solution identifies the most significant gaps between management and staff and how to bridge them.

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