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    Gap Model for Hospitality Industry

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    I need specific examples of the gap model for the hospitality industry.

    gap 1 not knowing what customers expect

    gap 2 not having the right service quality designs and standards

    gap 3 not delivering to service standards

    gap 4 when promises do not match performance

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    Service quality - gap model
    I need specific examples of the gap model for the hospitality industry.

    GAP 1 not knowing what customers expect

    A study has shown the following results on determining the service quality in a hotel in relation to the gaps/problems that has been existing:
    The discrepancy between manager's perceptions of what customers want and what customers actually want is critical. The following are some of the wrong decisions which can be done by management due to the occurrence of the gap:
    ? focusing on service attributes which are not necessary to the customers
    ? providing wrong hotel facilities, e.g., provision of too many swimming pools giving less space to have a park for children to play or for adults to stroll around or less space for nature/plants.
    ? hiring wrong service providers who don't have the training to do their jobs excellently to better serve the customers so they end up with dissatisfied customers
    ? administering wrong training programs to the hotel staff (e.g., giving a training to the staff about how to perform ...

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