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    Project Operations Management in a Hotel Chain

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    If you were responsible for improving project management in a hotel chain which was experiencing declining revenues and increasing costs.

    1) What factors would you consider most important?
    2) How would you implement those factors?

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    1) What factors would you consider most important?

    Competitive Advantage

    There are several important factors to recognize in the aging more mature population and its travel activities such as price, convenience and location. One of the key priorities for strategic hotel management includes the importance in satisfying the customer regardless of age or nationality. Competitive advantage refers to one or more aspects of an enterprise that provide it with an edge over its competition in some fashion. Based on Prahalad and Hamel's assessment, Susan Jurow offers three tests to identify a company's core competencies to help it achieve such an advantage: 1) it provides long-term strategic advantage; 2) it contributes to customer benefit; 3) and it is difficult for others to imitate (Jurow 1996, p. 300). Applying this analysis to the hospitality industry shows that while most industries are expected to recover from the shock of September 11, the tourism industry could suffer the most ...

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    This solution of 2,735 words looks at two of the most important factors of competitive advantage and laissez-faire leader and describes each in detail with real-life examples. It also provides suggestions on how to effectively implement those factors with many types of analyses. All references used are included.