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    Design Influences Paper: Hilton Hotels Corporation

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    Write a paper based the Hilton Hotels Corporation:

    1. Four functional business areas:

    - Finance
    - Technology
    - Human resources
    - Sales and marketing

    2. Provide a brief description of your selected organization and provide rationale as to why design is, or could be, beneficial to these areas.

    Cite sources of information.

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    The Hilton Hotel Corporation is in a good financial position as from the time of its inception the company had adopted various strategies' to expand all over the world and the company's present strong market position is due to its efforts. The company's financial position can be understood with an analysis of data's of year 2003 & 2004. The company's reported fourth quarter net income of 2004 was $65 million, which delineated a 3 percent decline from $67 million in the year 2003. Diluted net income per share was $.16 in the fourth quarter, equated with $.17 in the 2003 quarter (Hilton Hotel Corporation, n.d.).

    On a corresponding basis, though, diluted earnings per share in the fourth quarter 2004 were $.18, equated with $.11 in the 2003 quarter, an augment of 64 percent. This analysis of company's data's demonstrate that from the time of its existence the company is undertaking serious efforts and due to their efforts only in present it had expanded its operations in a wide manner in regard to hospitality management. These expansion efforts of the company are also leading it toward positive financial aspects along with strength to expand more. With this discussion, we can confer that the company financial condition is good.

    From the time Hilton Hotel Corporation has started its business operations, it had tried to adopt advanced technologies as much as possible for it. The Hilton Hotel Corporation had always tried to employ innovation and technology. The company knows that in present guests need more flexibility, choice and control in their lives and in accordance to this, Hilton Hotel Corporation is trying to make changes so that this higher level of expectations can be accommodated. The Hotel management is aware that customers now want to organize all aspects of their own stay in lieu of having it scheduled by the hotel.

    For managing all these needs and desires of customers, the Hilton Hotel Corporation is doing well in this functional area ...

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