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Price for Booking Airlines and Hotels

You've decided to take a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. You will leave one month from today and stay for 7 nights. You need to purchase a plane ticket and a hotel room. Search for these two items individually at airline and hotel web sites. What airline and hotel did you find, and what were the prices of each?

Next, search for a bundled package at a travel site such as expedia.com or applevacations.com. What packages did you find? Could you fly on the same airlines and stay at the same hotels in the packages that you could when you searched individually? What were the differences in price? How would you book your trip? Individually or bundled? Why?

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United Flight: $410.60 (w/ one layover) plus tax $28= $438.60

American Airlines: $541.68 (w/ one layover) departure and $378.88 (w/ two layovers) return. Taxes 60.60= $981.16

Delta: $655.60 (2 layovers on departure and one on return) plus $28 tax= $683.60


Hilton Caribe San Juan: $2014.74

Marriott: $2718.30

Expedia: Marriott and ...

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This solution searches different airlines and hotel chains for pricing comparisons. It also includes information on what kind of packages are available for San Juan, Puerto Rico. Based on this information, it provides suggestions as to whether the trip should be booked individually or bundled in 283 words.