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    Boosting Employee Morale.

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    Assume that you are a manager at a call center and your employees have to take the following survey about you at the end of the year. Stratagize a 12 month plan that helps you receive " yes " as the answers in all of these questions. Include activities or ideas that would help the manager address each question during the year.

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    Boosting Employee Morale

    Recently, development of human resource has become the focus of attention of planner policy makers and administrations. Development of human resource can be defined as the process of increasing the knowledge, skills and capacities of people. It is important not only for an enterprises but for a nations to develop its human resource. In this highly changing and competitive environment enhancement of employee morale is essential for the organization. At an organization, in order to develop employee morale, training and executive development are the main area (World Library and Information Congress: 71th IFLA General Conference and Council, 2005).
    Employee survey in the organization is one of the main concepts of boosting employee morale. If a manager wants positive results in the survey and enhance the morale of employee, there should be an effective and strategic program. This strategic program should be developed for 12 months. The strategic program of the company should include following steps:
     Training and Executive Development program
     Leadership and Motivation Program
     Development of Employee Counseling
     Reward and Performance Appraisal Program
    Training and Executive Development Program
    Training can be defined as a process of increasing the knowledge and skills for doing a particular job. It is an organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and skills for a definite purpose. The purpose of training is basically to bridge the gap between job requirement and the present competences of an employee. Training is aimed at improving the behavior and performance of a person. It is never ending or continuous process. Training is closely related with education and development but needs to be differentiated from these terms (Olaniyan & Ojo, 2008).
    Executive development is also a systematic procedure of learning and growth by which managerial personnel gain and apply knowledge, skills, attitudes and insights to manage the work in the organization effectively and efficiently. It is designed to improve ...

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