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    Methods to improve employee behavior

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    You are the assistant to the Director of Marketing at Superior Sales Corporation. In addition to your regular tasks, you will serve on a project staff team that is currently being formed. Other project staff will include the assistants to other departmental Directors. The directors will routinely delegate new projects and initiatives to the project staff team to discuss and submit recommendations. In addition, you will supervise one clerical assistant to the Marketing Department, as well as carry out a myriad of individual assignments delegated to you from the Director of Marketing. You will need to apply what you know about organizations, their structures, change management, and how individuals work within organizations.


    You have just received an assignment from your Director. Responses to a recent employee satisfaction survey have shown that employee attitudes within the Marketing department are on the decline and reports from human resources have shown that absenteeism is on the rise. Your director wants you to put together a short presentation outlining options for responding to these recent trends. Your presentation should include at least three possible courses of action and list the pros and cons of each.

    5 to 10 PowerPoint slides excluding the title and reference slide with 200-250 words speaker notes for each slide. Identify processes and methods that can improve the behavior and attitudes of organizational members.

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    Some of the processes and methods to improve the behavior and attitudes of employees in the marketing department:

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    Increased efforts by the company to motivate these employees to become more productive.

    These efforts could be in the form of increased financial rewards for productive and excellent performers, other incentives such as prizes for most productive performer, vacations, promotions etc. This will create an enthusiasm among the employees to perform productively, reduce absenteeism and promote a healthy and competitive environment in the organization. IT will also help in pressure on management with regards to continued supervision, etc. Financial rewards are the most effective and considered to be diectly linked to employee morale and commitment towards the organization. A suitable rewards policy should be immediately developed by the ...

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