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    objectives critique

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    Critique the objectives in 2 paragraph. Do the objectives make sense? Are they written correctly? Do you understand them? Would you rewrite them? If so, how?
    Each post should be one paragraph in length and must be substantive in nature. Do not simply state that something is right or wrong, specify why and be detailed in your explanation. Aside from assisting a classmate, the goal is to demonstrate your mastery of the concepts. See below information about the product created.


    Corporate Business Strategy

    Product Overview:

    Our Food-Drink Product Packs are products that are carefully designed, scientifically processed materials for sale to various Food-Drink manufacturers. These Packaging materials are meant to contain finished fruit-drinks of various kinds. The product is designed with fortified flip-out double projector straws firmly fixed to the top of the product pack which enables consumers the comfort of usage without spilling the content even under any condition (driving, walking, in the office or at home). The product packs are made of an alloy of seasoned paper pulp and foil plastic which conveys safety longer shelve-life and environmental friendliness (about 95% recyclable content) - an ethical/legal issue.



    Palma Packaging Limited envisions providing carefully processed beverage Product Pack solutions to various Fruit-Drink manufacturers for a hygienically safe, and affordable beverage drinks that meet the needs of consumers and environmental standards. We hope to achieve this through dedication to environmental rules, hygienic discipline, and high level of integrity of our staff.

    Our Team of well trained experts are poised at delivering scientifically tested, recyclable materials designed to suite various categories of food-drinks manufacturers of today and the generations to come.

    We strive to attain responsible Industry Leadership, generating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability. Our enviable corporate food-drink Product packs will meet all the packaging challenges of food-drink manufacturers now and in the generations to come.

    In Palma Packaging Limited, we are committed to achieving a set production target of 84% sales level from Packaging Products in the next 12 months. This translates to about 12,500 Tons of Product Pack sales, an enviable niche from the previous year's national annual report figure of 13,000Tons, and which will make us the next Market leaders of Food drinks Product Pack sellers

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    The first sentence of the objectives is difficult to understand.. It says that the company is committed to achieving a set production target of 84% sales level from Packaging Products in the next 12 months. The sentence is not correct.. What does 84% refer to? In addition, How can a production target (of 84%) be sales level? The first sentence does not make sense. The next sentence is ...

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