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    Quantifying elements for marketing

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    I am responsible for identifying quantifiable elements that can be used to evaluate, monitor, and control the effectiveness of our marketing plan.

    What are quantifiable elements as it relates to our product feature that I need to research and submit?

    Our presentation is on a new Ice Cream Bar

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    Quantifiable element are those that are measurable with tools of quantitative research. Marketing is concerned with making sure the product is in the appropriate place and the appropriate people know about it.

    For an ice cream bar, I would look at the numbers of bars produced and shipped first. The number produced should be equal to those the marketing researched would be needed to supply the target market. Some people actually manufacture fewer in the beginning to make the public more interested in the product. So knowing the target market and number is important. Were the bars shipped to the appropriate markets? If the market is upscale one would want them in stores that feature specialty items or where upscale shoppers can ...

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    A company that needs to control the effectiveness of our marketing plan provides the scenario for this discussion on identifying quantifying information. Different elements of sales, message identification, and product placement are discussed.