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Marketing research and connecting with customers

What do you think about doing this kind of check up on your research?

Pitney Bowes sales force forms what it calls reality commissions. 'You can go out and academically study the market and draw some conclusions about what your customers want, but at a certain point you need a sanity check on all your assumptions,' states Synnot (Kathleen Synnot, marketing VP, Pitney Bowes). Small groups of sales reps, sales engineers, and leasing agents form the ad hoc committees that help give the company a better feel for what its customer wants.

Reality checks are also provided by focus groups of customers, used extensively by the company's quality-customer satisfaction group."

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In reality, there is an extensive amount of competition between companies. Things get even more fierce when companies sell products that do not have many distinguishable characteristics. Thus, firms are more likely to sell to suppliers who are: a) cheaper b) provide the best customer service.

If you want to make the sale, you better understand your clients inside and out. You have to know their preferences, what will seal or cancel the deal, what the clients are looking for.. in other words, you have to be able to provide for them a service that is seemingly custom made for them. How can this be done?

Market research is really the key behind understanding you client. If you can gather information on them ...

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The solution looks at how marketing can connect with costumers.