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Marketing Products and Coupons

Many marketers put coupons in magazine and newspapers today. Others place tear-coupons in supermarket and other store displays. The latest in couponing is Internet placement. The buyer can just print the coupon out and take it to their local store to use.

Provide a detailed answer to the following (remember that active participation in the project is required to earn full possible points as a part of the team.)

Are buyers willing to register at various online sites to get coupons faxed or emailed to them? Why or why not?

What could these websites do to become more user friendly for buyers?

Have buyers become more price conscious now that websites give so much competitive information about price and coupons for so many products that are readily available? Is that a good thing or not for marketers?

Integrated marketing communication efforts are designed to create a good image for a firm, one that is consistent. Do sites like these fit into such a scheme? Why or why not?

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Buyers are not willing to register at online sites for coupons because they don't want to be bombarded with spam mail or e-mail that even though relevant to certain specials or events, are not favored in customer inboxes. Most of the time a buyer wants a specific coupon rather than bulk e-mail constantly in their inbox which creates an issue with putting e-mails into web sites. Some ...