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Sales Promotions in Marketing Campaigns

Sales promotions have become an important ingredient in marketing campaigns. Choose four types of consumer promotion tools and describe each, including a discussion of their advantages and when they might be used.

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Four types of consumer promotion tools are:

1. Samples
Description: In this way, the final or ready product is put into the hands of the end user directly.
Advantages: The benefit would be of course word of mouth. Many people who would never have heard of you are now telling their friends about this amazing new free sample of perfume they received. The could exponentially help to build your business though word or mouth.
When it might be used:There is something about the word free that instantly grabs the attention of most consumers. This is why free sample offers make such effective promotions. It is useful when you want to get first hand reviews regarding your products.

2. Coupons
Description: Discount offer printed in newspapers or magazines, attached to a packaging, or mailed out. A consumer redeems a coupon by presenting it at the time of paying for the discounted product.
Advantages: ...

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The solution discusses sales promotions in marketing campaigns.