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Intelliseek: Consumer Generated Media, Marketing Research

Harvard Business Case:
May 9, 2005
Luc Wathieu
Allan Friedman


1) Is consumer-generated media a good source of data?
2) As a marketing manager, how useful are Intelliseek's products (i.e Blogpulse and Brandpulse)?
3) Which marketing strategy should the firm adopt?

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(1) Yes, consumer-generated media is a good source of data. CGM is the purest form of consumer data, unfiltered, honest and most importantly, real time. Understanding online chatter will help a brand to understand consumer perspective of their product (usually unaided) and will help to pinpoint issues that are of concern or interest to consumers. Regardless of whether marketers value or do not value CGM, the fact is that consumers look to other consumers for honest feedback on products and services and it is critical for marketers to understand ...

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This solution addresses social media listening as a tool for marketing research. The solution provides a POV on whether consumer-generated media is a good course of data, provides thoughts on how the specific products mentioned in the case study can assist a Marketing Manager and provides a recommendation on a marketing strategy for Intelliseek to adopt.