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    Implications for the Disney brand

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    Please assist with ideas for about Marketing and business strategic planning regarding WDIG in Japan using the case study "Walt Disney Internet Group Japan's Dimo Project" by Phillip Sugai.

    1. Describe the business environment within which the Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) Japan team is offering its mobile content and services.

    2. What are the implications for the Disney brand in the development of these new Dimo characters?

    3. Based on the above analysis, how will the Dimo service provide a competitively advantageous position for WDIG going forward? If not, why?

    4. What marketing strategies should Kasemsri and his team consider in April 2004 for the Dimo service? What is the most appropriate marketing strategy for WDIG Japan to implement for the Dimo service going forward?

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    Q. Describe the business environment within which the Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) Japan team is offering its mobile content and services.

    About Disney group
    Walt Disney's animation/motion picture studios and theme park have developed into a multi-billion dollar television, motion picture, vacation destination and media corporation that carries his name.
    The Walt Disney Company today owns, among other assets, five vacation resorts, eleven theme parks, two water parks, thirty-nine hotels, eight motion picture studios, six record labels, eleven cable television networks, and one terrestrial television network.

    WDIG was launched in Japan in 2000. It is no. one mobile entertainment provider in Japan. The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) Japan has recently launched an entirely new set of interactive mobile character/agents for the NTT DoCoMo iMode platform, called Dimo. Having built Japan's most successful mobile entertainment business using traditional Disney-branded characters and related content, these Dimo characters have been designed to go well beyond entertainment and become valuable guides, assistants, and friends for users of the continuously evolving mobile Internet and the increasingly complex tasks enabled by this platform. Hence these new technologies provide means to extend and enhance the brand experience anywhere and any time.

    Environmental Analysis

    External Factor Analysis Summary: Here we will analyze the affect of societal forces and to see what trends are like to affect the retail industry in which the Wal-Mart is operating in a brief manner.
    • Economic Forces: One has monitor the economic trends like GDP trends, Interest rates, Money supply, Inflation rates, Unemployment levels, Disposable income. These products are in high growth category.

    • Technological Forces: Impact of Internet, virtual online stores, using Internet effectively to increase the reach and to reduce the cost. Portable Information Devices, Electronic networking, smart mobile robots, increase in the speed of microprocessors will have tremendous impact on business. Impact of following factors:

     Efficiency of infrastructure, including roads, ports airports, rolling stock, hospitals, education, healthcare, communication, etc.
     industrial productivity
     new manufacturing processes and drug discoveries
     patent regime
     new products and services of competitors
     new products and services of supply chain partners
     any new technology that could impact the company

    • Political Legal regulations; One should also be aware of foreign trade regulations, attitude towards foreign companies as Walt Disney is a multinational company.
    Societal Trends: It is of very much importance to the entertainment giant. The factors like lifestyle changes age distribution of population, life expectancies etc. Demographic factors such as:
    o population size and distribution
    o age distribution
    o education levels
    o income levels
    o ethnic origins
    o religious affiliations
    * Attitudes towards:
    o materialism, capitalism, free enterprise
    o individualism, role of family, role of government, collectivism
    o role of church and religion
    o consumerism
    o environmentalism
    o importance of work, pride of accomplishment
    * Cultural structures including:
    o diet and nutrition
    o housing conditions
    affecting this industry very much.

    • Competition: According to the data given in the its biggest competitor is Bandai networks which has in access of the 550 unique content sites and various animation characters. Sony is also one of the ...

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    This discusses the business implications for the Disney brand in the development of new Dimo characters in Japan.