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A multinational (multidomestic strategy) means adapting products and marketing strategies to comply with cultural standards in the given market. A global strategy means offering the same product in all national markets with a very similar marketing strategy. For each of the strategies, list a company that employs that method and provide your opinion on why they may have chosen to use that strategy.

Companies selected: Quaker Oats Company and Disney

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This solution looks at the use of international strategies as employed by two massive corporations, Quaker Oats Company and Disney.

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Company 1: Quaker Oats Company

Quaker Oats Company is a good example of an organization that uses the global strategy. In 1983, the company purchased Gatorade, which has revolutionized the sports drink industry for decades; as a result, the brand is an international phenomenon that is currently sold in over 78 countries. The success of Gatorade may be attributed to the students at a Florida university who first developed the brand; however, the Quaker Oats Company should be acknowledged for Gatorade's evolution. The product generated so much buzz that an outside organization, Stokely-Van Camp (SVC), wanted to purchase Gatorade's formula. In 1983, Quaker Oats Company began to build the brand to offer ...

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