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    Evaluate Marketing Website for Kraft Foods

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    Evaluate Marketing Website Assignment: Access the following Website: http://www.kraft.com/default.aspx

    Kraft Foods uses this Website as a part of their marketing strategy. Review the Website and write a paper on its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Include the things that you feel work well and the things that you feel could be done better.

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    The Kraft website is eye catching and neatly organized. On the default page, some different food choices are depicted on spoons, ready to eat. The main image is colorful and catches the viewer's attention right away. The images are balanced on the page. The left side is a feature image, while the three spoons images balance the right side. As a means of
    promoting Kraft food brands, the page is effective. There is little attention drawn away from the images and viewing page causes the viewer to immediately think of food and the types of meals or dishes that can be created. If the viewer visits the kitchen and finds some key ingredients missing, he or she is likely to want to visit the grocery store, for foods that are
    as enticing as those on the page. The default page contains plenty of white space. Normally, the use of so much white space is thought to detract from the web site. However, the brightly colored images of food would not stand out as well, with a black or gray background.

    The home page uses much less white space, but is still effective. It does not entice the viewer to think about meals or food. It creates more ...

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