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Consumerism and Viral Marketing

Discussion Question #1
Think of a product you recently shopped for online. Describe your search process. How did you become aware that you wanted or needed the product? Did you wind up buying online? Why or why not?

Discussion Question #2
How can a company use viral marketing to its advantage? What are the potential hazards of viral marketing?

(Minimum 150 words PER QUESTION)

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I actually did 99.9% of my Christmas shopping online, so this would be relatively easy for me. One of the products I purchased was a specific tool for my husband. The first step in my search process was to visit the websites of the sellers that I frequent, which I believed would carry this product. I also wanted to search at the stores where I believed shipping and product prices would be low. I therefore went online to Amazon.com and Walmart.com. After finding the item I wanted and taking note of the prices on each site, I went to Google.com for a ...

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This solution discusses the search process for a product sought online and explains how the consumer becomes aware of his or her wants, and if the product was purchased online. This solution also discusses how a company can use viral marketing to its advantage. The hazards of viral marketing are also discussed.