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    Quantifiable Measures of an Effective Marketing Plan

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    Identify quantifiable elements that can be used to measure, evaluate, monitor, and control the effectiveness of your marketing plan.

    Particularly, for promoting a phone very similar to the iPhone.

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    Four basic ways to quantify the effects of a marketing campaign are:
    1. Cost per sale
    2. Cost per qualified lead
    3. Cost per visitor
    4. Market share.

    1. Cost per sale is the amount of actual iPhone sales in contrast to the amount spent marketing it. When your cost per sale is low then your marketing plan is effective. In the two examples, the cost per sale is 50, however the more sales made, the cost per sale drops to 10 meaning you are spending less to market each item.

    Cost per sale = ...

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    The solution discusses four ways to quantify a marketing plan's effects in order to identify if the money spent on marketing is increasing sales. This solution covers one person's evaluation of marketing a phone similar to the iPhone and how the web can be determined. 363 words.