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    People First Strategy

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    To what extent does a people first strategy help a firm's profitability? Use the Mark Huselid study in your answer.

    What can we learn about the downward performance spiral case at Apple Computer from the mid '80s to the late '90s?

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    //First of all, we will write about the effectiveness of the people's first strategy to enhance the profitability of the firm or the business. We will also discuss how it works to enhance the performance of the company to achieve its financial goals. It is also important to understand the relation of the strategy with the performance of the employees or workers.\

    The People First strategy ensures an organization to create an environment where opportunities are given to people to flourish and realize their full potential. According to this strategy, all the employees are different and they seek to create such a work environment that is inclusive and incorporates the diversity of all people in the organization.

    This strategy plays a very important role in the performance of the employees and workers in the organization. It lays stress on the concept that people are the most important part of an organization and they should be placed at the top priority. Human resource is the most valuable resource in the company and it should be handled with due care. Efforts should be made to maintain them and motivate them to perform better. The employees should be given such an environment where they feel happy and satisfied and get opportunities to grow. Besides, they should given a chance to participate in the decision making of the organization.

    Good working conditions and a healthy competitive atmosphere should be provided to the employees. By putting the people first, the company will be able to keep the people satisfied and enhance their performance and thus the revenues of the company. According to Mark Huselid, the people are the most valuable assets of an organization and his first book the HR scorecard explains the importance of the organizational strategy and behavior of the employees.

    The HR scorecard indicates that a clear understanding of the organizational strategy and the ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1233 words with references.