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marketing strategy

1. Recall a marketing program that sticks out in your mind that has run for a lengthy period of time. What aspects of the program did you like? Were there any aspects that you did not care for? Please discuss.

2. Many business to business transactions are being transferred from personal selling to the Internet. Describe some ways that companies can maintain relationships with their customers in this environment. What marketing strategy might be used in presenting some new products or services within this business to business Internet model?

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I live in Toronto, Canada. In Canada, there are three major telecommunications companies, Bell, Rogers, and Telus. Over the most recent holiday period, Rogers ran a marketing campaign that revolved around the tag line 'Live Out Loud'. The reason that this tag line was used is because they are pushing the new generation of cell phones that have mp3 capability. At the same time, they are targeting younger consumers aged 16-30 who would be in the ...