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marketing research proposal

Need to define the topic of flowers purchased from traditional florists vs nontraditional outlets. Price, quality, shelf-life, all should be included.

Please describe:
- Backgrounds of the study
- Research problem
- Population and sample method defined
- Sampling methodology
- Assumptions and limitations
- Questionnaire

Please provide a written proposal only and develop a short survey.

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I cannot write the proposal for you, but I can give you some direction on each of the sections.

Backgrounds of the study
The buying or presenting of flowers has a long tradition. In times as far back as Ancient Greece, flowers represented love, success, and honor. (this should be cited from an article or online site) Flowers as simple as field flowers and as delicate and rare as orchids, hold special meaning for many. The scent of flowers sparks memories and are the basis of oils, perfumes, candles, and so many other things in our world. Therefore, buying flowers is important.
For a long time, flowers were merely picked from fields, grown in gardens and given, or acquired through specialized outlets. Florists were artists who took flowers grown by themselves or others and made into bouquets or other presentations. However, two things occurred to make this way of obtaining flowers not as ideal as in previous times.
First, buying from a florist is expensive and their artistry, while worth the money, is a luxury value many cannot afford. Second, lives became busy and stopping in at the florist fell low on the list of errands and needs of most people. So, new avenues of finding and purchasing flowers appeared. The first to help were discount stores and grocery stores where people could purchase blooms long with their food and other essentials. This was ...

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Market research proposals are examined for a traditional florist versus non traditional outlets is determined.