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Define marketing

Prepare a paper in which you define marketing. Include in the paper a personal definition of marketing and definitions from two different sources. Based on these definitions, explain the importance of marketing in organizational success. Provide at least three specific examples of companies from the business world to support your explanation.

Be sure to cite (at least three times) and reference the text and two other sources

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I would like to firstly define marketing. This is a tough one, since I am a market researcher by profession; I understand how formal and far fetched "marketing" is.

My definition of marketing is: a team of creative individuals who work to promote and advertise the product to place it firstly in the mind of consumers.

- The problem with this is that marketing in theory contains these following activities also known as the 4-Ps
- Developing the product
- Pricing the product
- Promoting the product
- Deciding what people to sell the product to

One formal definition from the American Marketing Association is:
An organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer ...

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This posting has a few different components. Firstly, it defines marketing (Kotler and the American Marketing Association), it looks at the 4-ps, it gives 3 real world examples of marketing, and provides my own definition of marketing.