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    Promotion Strategies - Internet Promotions

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    I need assistance with the following assignment:

    In this module assignment, you will be looking at a Promotion. In particular, you will study the use of the Internet to promote products. The remaining "P", Price, will be examined in the remaining module.

    The various topics included in the study of promotion are:

    Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Publicity, and Public Relations

    Taken together, these forms of promotion are called a promotional mix.

    Of the Four P's of marketing, product is often thought to be the linchpin?the element that holds all the other elements together. Place or Distribution is thought to be the second most important element. In terms of importance, promotion closely follows on the heels of Place.

    Will using web-based advertising encourage retailers to carry Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Concentrate keeping in mind that a "pull strategy" is used to encourage consumers to ask retailers for the promoted products, and since the product can be purchased directly from the company on its website, and since online shoppers for cosmetics are unlikely to be in-store cosmetics shoppers?

    The world of promotion is being turned upside down by the internet and by retail consolidation. With newspapers now available online, subscriptions to newspapers are on the decline. Newspaper classified advertising is being supplanted by Craig's List, Amazon.com, Google.com and Yahoo.com. Federated Department Stores bought Macy's and changed its name to Macy's. In so doing, this reduction in department store advertising, the mainstay of newspaper earnings, is causing newspaper advertising dollars to dry up, causing newspapers to be sold, which, in turn, further limits advertising opportunities.

    I am required to compose a 3 page response to the above question. It should contain an Introduction, Body and conclusion.

    Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

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    Promotion is an important part of the marketing mix. The promotion mix could be formulated through integrated marketing communication strategy. Integrated Marketing Communication is more than the coordination of a company's outgoing message between different media and the consistency of the message throughout. It is an aggressive marketing plan that captures and uses an extensive amount of customer information in setting and tracking marketing strategy.

    It is where all aspects of a company's promotional efforts work together with a unified purpose to deliver a consistent and positive message; recognizes that all contact points with customers and prospects are important, from the truck making a delivery to the CEO in the news.
    Hence Wal-Mart needs to have right promotion mix. Our paper will focus more on internet promotions. Wal-Mart operates large discount retail stores selling a broad range of products such as clothing, consumer electronics, drugs, outdoor equipment, guns, toys, hardware, CDs and books. Its typical products are basic, mass-market equipment, rather than premium products stocked at specialist stores. Wal-Mart also operates "Supercenters" which include grocery supermarkets. SAM'S CLUB stores are also owned by Wal-Mart; these are "warehouse clubs," which require a paid membership to ...

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