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Self-Checkout Machines and Customer Service

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Corporate headquarters wants all stores to install at least two self-checkout machines. Research shows that the machines will pay for themselves within a year by reducing labor costs. You believe that cutting jobs would put your store at a competitive disadvantage. Your competitive edge--especially versus low price giants such as Wal-Mart--is better service. Instead of reducing your workforce, you'd like to transfer these cashier jobs into the deli and the bakery, and even add a childcare service for busy parents. You are convinced that the changes you envision could boost profits by a minimum of 5% in the first year. How would you persuade your manager at corporate headquarters to let you test your approach for the first year after the self-checkout machines are installed in your store?

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I would try several tactics to persuade the manager at corporate headquarters to test my approach. The first thing I would do, if it was geographically feasible, would be to invite the manager on a trip to my competitors as a customer. I would engage in discussions, as a fellow customer, with other ...

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This solution deals with a situation in which corporate headquarters wants to install self-checkout machines, and you feel that these change would put the store at a competitive disadvantage. The solution suggests ways to persuade your manager to let you test your approach of transferring the cashiers to service departments in the store. It includes a link and examples.