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    MBA 502- Technology & Change Mgmt (get started)...

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    - Lengthy discussion on "Management Influenced by Information Systems"
    - Details on "How are Databases Used?"
    - Detailed information and suggestions for "How are Network Technologies and Internet Used?"
    - 5 references with citations

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    Management Influenced by Information Systems
    Just as is shown later, customers are affected by the increased usage of technology in the retail industry. But, just as important is the new role that managers in those stores must accept when new procedures are implemented.
    One such change is the ever-increasing impact of identity theft. Too often, information is stolen from companies that operate in the retail industry. For criminals, it is easy- just go find a store that does not properly dispose of a customer's personal information. Sure, some just pick pockets or steal purses, but, now retail stores must be aware that criminal often go "...digging through dumpsters" (Krause 2006). Stores need to consider using such measures as paper shredders to protect their customers' information.
    Another affect that technology has had on retail management procedures includes the increasing trend to use retail stores as a hangout or impromptu meeting location. For example, "...the folks at Apple have made it incredibly easy to hang out there (an Apple Store) for a while, maybe buy some more stuff and then come back, again and again" (Betts 2006). Apple store personnel encourage customers to use their interactive displays (that include such items as Ipods and laptops) as much as they want. As Betts mentioned, this encourages them to come back again. Hopefully, for the retailer, this interaction with the equipment being offered will encourage the customers to eventually make a purchase.
    How are Databases Used?
    New technologies do not always deal directly with customers, sometimes it involves any procedures ...

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