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    Process Flow for Self Checkout at Grocery Store

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    Process Improvements:

    • Install self checkout lanes in all Walmart stores
    • Give customers the ability to scan produce items
    • Provide more space where items are bagged since the space is small and items cannot be removed from bagging area until all items are scanned
    • Provide option for customer to remove/delete an item rather than waiting on a Walmart associate to perform this function
    • Have an associate available at self checkout lanes in the event a customer is having problems

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    The Process Flow is attached in this response. In a business process flow normally we do
    not use decisions tress but if you want you can use decision trees like Does the store have enough space for ...

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    The Solution contains a sample process flow for self check out for Grocery store. This is a high level process flow and many more steps can be further added as per requirement.