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Key Success Factors in The Retail Grocery Industry

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Identify and explain the Key Success Factors (KSFs) in the retail grocery industry (like Kroger/Safeway, etc). For each KSF identified, be sure to explain why it is particularly important that industry.

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The solution addresses key success factors in the retail grocery industry. Explanations are given for these key success factors.

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Success factors for any industry are dependent on market trends. Success factors in the industry today may be different from what was identified as success factors 20 years ago. The same is true for the retail grocery industry. The retail grocery industry can be divided into the categories of Supercenter, Warehouse, Superstore/Drugstore combination, Limited assortment, Convenience Store (traditional or petroleum base). Conventional stores accounted for a majority of the market share owning 81% of the market according to Immediate Media Marketing.

The category of retail store contributes a great deal to its ability to succeed in several key success factors. Conventional supermarkets have acquired the majority of the market share because it has core ...

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