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Success Factors for High Tech Firm and Low Cost Retail Store

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1-What are likely to be the long-term critical success factors for the following types of firms?

? A high technology company, such as Microsoft
? A large, low-cost retailer, such as Kmart

(b.) How useful is financial accounting data for evaluating how well these two companies are managing their critical success factors? What other types of information would be useful in your evaluation? What are the costs and benefits to these companies from disclosing this type of information to investors.


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The critical success factor for Microsoft is certainly the new products/ services in the pipeline, as evident by the investment and efforts on R &D activities. Microsoft operates in a fiercely competitive and extremely dynamic market where new products arrive on a daily basis and technology companies such as Microsoft need to come up with new and ...

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Success Factors for High Tech Firm and Low Cost Retail Store

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