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Customer service is the foundation of the hospitality industry

Customer service is the foundation of the hospitality industry. Describe a time when you received outstanding customer service in a sector of the hospitality industry and a time you received a negative customer service experience in the same sector of the hospitality industry.

â?¦For the positive experience, what made the positive experience so memorable?
â?¦For the negative experience, what made the negative experience so memorable?
â?¦Using credible resources, research a business technique used to turn a negative experience into a positive experience. Had this been done at the establishment where you had the negative experience, would you be likely to return to the establishment

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Positive: A brand new bistro opened in town. Our company had done the design work and I had helped to create the menu items. When we arrived for the soft opening, the line was very long and we were going to leave. The hostess came up to us as we reached the car in the parking lot and told us to come back, she had our seats ready. I was a little leery, but we followed her back and passed the line to go inside. At the grumbles and hissing, the hostess turned around and smiled and said some people were necessary to the restaurant's success. I glanced at the line and several local high profile people were in that line. We were shown in, given a table and the wine list. When our wine came, so did a tray of the appetizers I had created for the menu. Then the owners came over and spoke to us, sitting down to discuss the options for menu changes and what I thought about the service and interior. I suggested they place a couple of benches outside for people to sit on if there was a line. The older man who owned the restaurant whipped out a pen and pad and wrote that down. He also wrote down what I found good and bad on the appetizer tray. I had not participated in any meetings about the restaurant, I had ...

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Customer service being the foundation of the hospitality industry is examined.