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    Customer Satisfaction: Sasser Model

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    There is a video on "why customers matter" by professor Earl Sasser, Jr. The pdf script of the presentation is attached.

    Sasser divides customers into 4 broad categories - hostages, apostles, defectors and mercenaries. As a customer, discuss (at least) 4 services/products where you are a likely hostage/apostle/defector/mercenary.

    I need help with detailed research using at least three references from academic journals and other academically acceptable sources. Please use in text citations and list references used. Response should be no more than 2-3 pages.

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    According to Sasser customers are divided into four broad categories. These are hostages, apostles, defectors, and mercenaries.
    The first category is hostages. These are people who are completely dissatisfied but they cannot leave. The problem is that such customers are unable to switch and feel trapped. Even though these customers have high loyalty, their satisfaction is low (1). One situation in which I have been a hostage is when I am pressed for time and have to take a low cost flight. The flight offers a meal, I am compelled to buy the meal because I haven't eaten anything since morning and I am hungry. My satisfaction is low because the meal is cold, not properly prepared, and is expensive. I do not have a choice, I feel I am trapped and have to eat the low quality meal at high price. Other examples of hostage are when citizens of areas where there is electricity shortage are forced to ...

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