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    Social Media Technology: Pros and Cons

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    I am looking for a recommendation in the business world on the adoption of an online social technological tool and its content. (Videos, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.....etc.)

    Your management has asked you to make a recommendation on their adoption of an online social technological tool and content.
    Describe your work environment.
    What social technological tool is currently being used?
    Recommend the adoption of an online social technological tool.
    Recommend content based on your knowledge of the work environment and your customer base.
    Give the pros and cons for adoption.

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    Social technology has many forms and can be extremely advantages for an organization to utilize in reaching a wide audience for little or no cost. The work environment example for this case study question is that of a local coffee shop (one location, not a "chain" restaurant). The owner, John, has been in business about 10 years and has approximately 20 employees, working both part and full-time. Some Coffee Shop (SCS) is open seven days a week, from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. John had a website created a couple years ago, to showcase the type of coffee he has, along with typical pastries available for breakfast and throughout the day.
    The recommendation would be to adopt use of both Facebook and Twitter. These ...

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    This solution is over 400 words and includes a weblink article as supporting documentation, addressing why an organization should utilize social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. With so many customers owning and using smartphones, social media is a quick, inexpensive way to reach customers. These tools can easily advise customers of schedule changes, discounts, promotions and new products. For every customer that "likes" and/or "follows" the organization, this provides an extension to reach that customer's friends and followers, for additional advertising recognition.