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    Public Health Organization Leadership

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    As a leader in (or of) a public health organization, describe the skills required and explain why they are required of a public health organization leader. Please use academic references.

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    The discussion topics in this solution are just a few of the issues facing leaders in public health. There are many more, but 3 pages is limiting. The three most important issues, quality of care, finance and human resources are discussed.

    Leading a Public Health Organization
    A leader of a public health organization must possess many different skill sets pertaining
    to leadership and management. Not only must the leader be knowledgeable about effective
    management and leadership practices, but regulations or laws regarding health care,
    administrative practices and current trends in health care diagnosis and treatment. Nonprofit or
    public health organizations operate much differently than for profit health care organizations, in
    terms of funding and budgeting. Leaders of public health organizations must be knowledgeable
    about how funding is secured and how grants are written. A public health organization leader
    must also know how to prioritize, when it comes to budgeting and expenditures.
    Whether the leader is also a health care provider or not, he or she must be able to monitor
    the care and treatment of patients. Care of patients in public health is a monumental task. "The
    world has not delivered on the promises that we repeated to each other in our youth and worked
    so earnestly to achieve in our professional careers" (Coye, 1994). In other words, the epidemics
    of Diabetes, Heart Disease, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and obesity appear as
    though they will be around for years to come. There have been no easy fixes for these
    challenges and resources from government sources to address ...

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    Public health organization leadership is examined. The skills required for a leader are provided.