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    Reasons for the Need of Labor Unions

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    Many companies engage in active union avoidance. In an effort to resist unionization, many nonunion employers offer their employees high wages, good benefits, and job security, and institute an open-door policy and formal grievance procedure. In an environment such as this, is there still a need for unionization? Provide reasons to support your opinion.

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    Labor and management are two different parties that help a company. However, it is the management that always decides on almost everything including the employees' compensation and benefits. A company that tries to provide its staff with good compensation and benefits may have a good solution to avoid unions. However, employees need unions for strength. They need a way to express themselves collectively because regardless of a grievance procedure, without a union, a company ...

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    The reasons why there is a need for unions even if a company is already giving fair wages and benefits as well as providing an open-door policy and grievance procedure are determined. The solution is 370 words with two non-APA references.