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    Product launch plan for Hershey

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    Consider opening a new Hershey company in the Philippines. Start by opening the first one in Korea with our base in the United States. Develop a product launch plan for two markets (domestic and international).

    â?¢ Distribution strategy (domestic and international market entry)
    â?¢ Marketing research conducted for the plan

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    I have attached to document. The marketing research may need to be expanded somewhat. I have provided references and a distribution strategy, for domestic Philippines markets and for international market entry.

    The Hershey Company is planning to expand to the Philippines. In order to be successful,
    the company must consider how to market products and which channels to market the products
    through. Though an Asian country, the Philippines is influenced by Spanish and American culture.
    The Filipino culture loves sweets in general. Therefore, candy should be a desirable product.
    They particularly love high quality candy from Europe, but many stores are finding it necessary to
    use U.S. suppliers(Franchising in the Philippines). Gummy type candies and chocolates are among
    the favourites and there are brands that can offer both. The Hershey Company has an opportunity
    to establish relationships with retail candy stores in malls and outlets, to sell its products. Because
    many store owners in The Philippines are concerned about costs, the best strategy for supplying
    products is to use warehouses or regional facilities, so that store owners can always have a new
    supply of candy.
    There are few candy manufacturers in The Philippines. The Hershey company has an
    opportunity to establish manufacturing facilities in The Philippines as well, to provide an adequate
    inventory of products. Products are likely to cost much less when they are made regionally ...

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