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Role of Motivation

Looking for some help in coming up with an implamentation plan for a ficticious manufacturing company that is struggling with diminishing sales due to poor employee moral. Employees are not happy with their pay, their incentives and lack of training.

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Linking your company goals, division goals and individual performance objectives to drive success for the company and for you. For this the motivation plays an important role in getting the desired performance from the employees.

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary to motivate is to "impel or excite", oneself or other. Motivation composes of three acts; they are:
"Internal state or condition, which encourage the activation of behavior and gives it direction
Desire or want, which encourages directs goal-oriented behavior
Influence of needs and desires on the intensity and direction of behavior" (Huitt, 2001).

As per Maslow's theory there is a hierarchy of needs. Humans meet their basic needs first and then they seek to satisfy successively higher needs that occupy a set hierarchy. (2003 Maslows hierarchy) The five needs are "physiological, safety, ...

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