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Human Resources Change Management

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1) What metrics measurement tools might be useful in determining the effectiveness of a change management process in an organization?

2) Discuss two workplace examples in regards to changes taking place in a government/military workplace. Any examples will do as long as they revolve around issues that evolve because of changes in a command structure.

3) Discuss what steps a manager can do to manage that change.

4) List a couple examples of challenge or resistance that could result by implementing these steps.

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This solution explains.how change management is implemented in organizations. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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1) The metrics that might be useful in determining the effectiveness of a change management process include the number of objectives of the change management achieved, the number of persons who have resisted change, the time taken to implement the change and the organizational productivity after change. Each of these metrics can be expressed in the form of numbers. For example, in organizational restructuring, the objective is team formation. The change managers have an objective of the number of teams that will be formed. This metric addresses that objective.

2) One of the changes that took place in the US military was that The Joint Forces Command was disbanded in August 2011 and its ...

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