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Human Resource Development - Training Programs

Write about training programs (according to Human Resource Development) used within your organization. Include in your discussion the types of training used within your organization and how you would change the training programs to improve the overall performance of your organization and the employees in general.

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My organization, like most organizations today, uses a variety of training programs to optimize results. The training programs are typically created after the organization has assessed its' training needs. In addition, training objectives are considered. In general, training programs are based on the findings of these items as well as the position and the budget available.

My organization depends upon results. Our informational technology (IT) department must produce logical information that supports business decisions. Our distribution department must be efficient and accurate. Our accounting and personnel departments must follow legal and industry guidelines to ensure we are accurately producing and reporting quality reports and information. Our sales department must produce meaningful sales leads that result in profitable sales. In each instance, well-trained people are the backbone of the structure. In order to improve the operation, the organization trains the staff members involved to teach new skills and knowledge. Ultimately, we want to utilize training to change results.

Training can occur due to new information or new equipment. Our accounting department keeps up with new information through interaction with our auditing company. In addition, the department head is constantly scouring news and industry sources to make sure our methods are current and legal. Information is then passed on to staff in department meetings and by implementing new standard procedures. Typically, new concepts are explained and then incorporated into the department. ...

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This detailed solution discusses training programs used within an actual organization, including the type of training used, and how to change the training program to improve the overall performance of both the organization and the employees. Examples are given.