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    Global Staffing Strategies

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    You are the Director of Human Resources for a company whose revised strategy has resulted in the acquisition of another company in a foreign market. The CEO has asked you to prepare a comprehensive staffing strategy for the newly expanded company in preparation for a strategic audit of the HR systems in the acquired company.
    a. Identify the type of industry within which your company operates. Also, identify the country into which you are expanding. You will want to use the EIU Viewswire Database in the University Library.

    b. What HR challenges may arise as a result of this acquisition? What unique cultural and regulatory factors (e.g. EEOC) do you need to consider? How will they impact organizational effectiveness?

    c. What recruitment and selection practices will be used in staffing the newly acquired company? What mix of expatriates and nationals do you expect? How will you determine which skills and abilities are needed? Once those skills and abilities are determined, what training and development practices will be used?

    d. Anticipate a few possible audit results. What changes in the current organizational structure may be required to achieve the revised strategy in light of these potential outcomes?

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    //Being the director of HR for ProLogis, revised strategy has resulted in the acquisition with another company in a foreign market. The paper is all about preparing a comprehensive strategy for the company who has expanded into a new location, so that strategic audit of the HR system can become effective in the acquired company. Additionally, labor laws, recruitment and selection, training and development programs will be discussed//

    ProLogis is a European property company having strategic locations across Europe. It is considered to be one of the most leading owners of modern distribution facilities. The company came into existence in 1999, as a real estate investment fund and its aim is to establish long term relationship with companies it serves. As a director of Human Resource for ProLogis, company has decided to make acquisition of a location in a foreign market (ProLogis European Properties, 2012). It is believed that rising international economy results in creating a number of opportunities for companies, but on the other hand, it also creates both challenges and threats, which has to be dealt by the business managers in an effective way.

    If the firm is able to manage its human resources and staff in an effective way, organization will achieve desired results successfully. This is the main reason why majority of the companies focuses on fulfilling the needs of the customers in the new market and expand their position in the global world. Thus, ProLogis has decided to expand its operation in European and Asian countries by preparing their staffing strategy, so that need of different locations can be fulfilled at right time and in a right way.

    //As a result of acquisition by the company in the European countries, there are different HR challenges that ProLogis will face, which includes labor law, cultural problems and work life balance. Also, there are some cultural and regulatory factors that needs to be considered//

    It is believed that in order to achieve success in international context, it is important for ProLogis to identify those challenges, which it will face within a global company. There are different human resource activities like recruitment, appraisal, training, compensation, transfer, demotion, are influenced by Equal Employment and labor relations environment. When a firm sets out its business in more than one country, it is required to comply with the legal rules and regulations operating in that country (McGladrey, 2007). Since, ProLogis is expanding in the European countries, not only EEO and labor relation challenges will be faced by the firm, but labor laws, cultural values and work life balance will also be affected.

    The labor laws in US are entirely different from Europe. There are many cases where unemployment benefits are lower and time period is high, which results in leaving the person unemployed for many years. The outcome of this is that both the work life and lifestyle of the workforce gets affected. There are many European countries who are not hiring more employees, so that unemployment costs could be minimized. The consequence of this is that unemployment rate has risen; which rarely falls below 10% (McGladrey, 2007). The reason behind this is that there are no proper managed labor laws, which can be placed properly, which can promote strong work ethic.

    However, this serious problem can be mitigated, if number of expatriates from the US are increased, which can help in providing a sound work culture and positions in an effective way. For this, it is required that proper training and cultural understanding should be there, which ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2197 words with references.