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Human Resource Planning and Management- Fedex

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I need some help with a research paper because I really do not know how to start it with all the materials. Any help is truly appreciated. This must be strategic analysis oriented. The intent is to be a focus on "applied" strategy with supporting research.

1) Describe the HR strategy of a selected organization.
â?¢ Choose an organization.
â?¢ Discuss the process that was used to develop the HR strategy.
2) Through various means of research, gather information on the HR strategy of the organization you have selected.
â?¢ The HR strategic planning conceptual framework is a good guide for structure and questions.
â?¢ Determine if the HR strategy is aligned with the overall organization vision, mission and strategy.
3) State the strategy of the HR organization.
â?¢ Give the rationale for the strategy.
4) Critique the HR strategy.
â?¢ Was it effective? Did the planners use the organization strategy as the basis?
â?¢ What was done well?
â?¢ What was done ineffectively?
5) Discuss how effectively the HR strategy is being implemented. What are the key metrics?
6) Recommend changes and improvements (You can give alternatives).
7) Suggest actions to implement change/improvements

I have attached both a framework and a summary on HRP for your use if you need some more information.

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Human Resource Management is probably the most essential aspect of the organization. An organization cannot function without proper utilization of its resources, including its human resources. The first section will give an introduction of Human Resource Planning and Strategic Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Planning (HRP)

Human Resource Planning is a vast subject having extremely wide concepts of learning. It is a whole stream of knowledge where one can have immense learning opportunities. Human Resource Planning is a process where a manager has to identify current and future human resource needs for an organization to achieve its goals. It is a part of resource planning where the focus is on aligning the workforce with goals and objectives of the organization. The most significant insight in studying HRP is learning about the process of best practices in organizations. These organizations do not only define the tasks to be accomplished within a given timeframe, but also identify the type and number of human resources required to accomplish those tasks. Hence, Human Resource Planning is a valuable course providing opportunities to learn (Noe, 2003).

Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) can also be described as a strategic and comprehensive approach to manage people, workplace culture and environment. As an organization realizes the need of manpower, SHRM becomes significant as a separate field of study. Since the last two decades or more, scholars have been studying and researching in the field and as a stream, SHRM has gained high attraction. There have been modifications of old concepts along with the development of new concepts; however, it may differ from one organization to another. As organizations change according to the boundaries, their functional environment changes and a researcher may develop his or her own perspective while studying.

In the next section, the HR strategy of an organization will be discussed. For this purpose, the HR strategy of FedEx is selected, which is a multinational logistics company. This section takes a look at different HR disciplines of FedEx.


The FedEx Corporation is a global company that provides courier and logistics services globally. The company is headquartered in Memphis, which is in Tennessee and its services include delivery, express mail, freight forwarding and third party logistics. The founder of FedEx was Frederick W. Smith, who is currently the Chairman and CEO of the company.

FedEx is a worldwide acclaimed brand providing a source of identification and an assurance of quality. It follows basic decision making process and easily communicates value creation for its customers. Just like any large multinational brand, FedEx makes and keeps its promises, which help in creating leadership credentials. This applies to all the departments of FedEx, including the HR department (FedEx, 2012).

For FedEx, HR practice starts with customers. They consider some serious customer oriented questions before planning, such as:

How do your customers recognize your HR department, including employees and management?
How can your customers describe the values that you deliver to them?
What are the promises that you make to your customers and how consistently do you keep them?
What does your department do to be called best in the class?
Only few executives ask their workforce to keep these questions in their mind while functioning, but there are big and successful brands that ...

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