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    Internationally Marketing an American based business

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    Is it a good idea to open American fast food restaurants in Disney parks overseas that sell the same kind of food sold in U.S. parks? Why or why not?

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    Franchise sales ventures in international locations and markets have to consider at least two things:

    1) It is important for the sales business to be customer centric, that is, the desires of the customer should strongly influence what is being sold. If the fast food restaurant franchise is in a foreign country where a certain cuisine is popular, the franchise should offer it. The market research department should find ways of determining what the food and taste preferences of that part of the world are, and they should also try to determine how to offer those foods for a lower price and of the same or higher quality than most restaurants in that market, since fast food has ...

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    Should an American based park such as Disney serve the same kind of food when located in another country? What factors must be considered for success? (edited from #549024)