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    Starbucks: Why is it so popular?

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    I need help with coming up with a paragraph about Starbucks' coffee business, why are they so popular? In your opinion/or words what is it that make Starbuck's coffee business so successful and popular worldwide?

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. I would like to give you advice in relation to this problem instead of presenting a narrative that answers your questions as I believe that this way you will be able to reflect back on the answers. First, think about this question - 'Why is Starbucks so popular'? I am sure that you have been to Starbucks or a cafe and place like it one way or the other. While everyone is not a coffee drinker, places like Starbucks are 'chic' and trendy. They offer a kind of ambience that many attribute to the West, to the cool 'America' of affluent areas in cities like L.A. and New York. There is a 'vibe' that is presented in Starbucks which attracts people to it. Starbucks is a Seattle-based company and the cafe scene, which was an innovation of the entrepreneur Howard Schultz. Starbucks was a small coffeehouse in Seattle bought by Schultz in 1971 from a trio of teachers - Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel & Gordon Bowker. It was your typical 'hole in the wall' coffeehouse where people gathered for good brewed coffee. But when Schultz entered the picture as their marketing man, he saw potential and purchased it from its original owners. He was inspired by a trip to Milan where the notion of a 'hip' Italian cafe took shape in his mind. Selling espresso drinks, original blends plus beans in a cafe where the ambiance is relaxed and ...

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    The solution provides advise and information, discussing the US coffee company Starbucks and the factors that made it as a coffee house and a brand so popular worldwide. To do this, the author looks into the history of the company, in particular the strategies and approaches employed by it's key founder, Howard Schultz. A list of online resources is included.