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    Organizational Configuration

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    What form of organizational configuration best fits Starbucks? Well there are five basic forms - which one would best fit, to understand this first we must know what those five forms are.

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    First I think we need to know the five basic forms of organizational configuration: First we have the simple structure. In this structure, the strategic apex manages the organizational activities utilizing direct supervision. Basically one or a few upper level managers coordinate the actions of a base group of staff. This of course is not how Starbucks operates.

    Next there is the Professional bureaucracy. This form of organizational configuration manages activities by bringing to conformation the skills of the employees rather than standardizing the process. This form is mostly used in hospitals, universities and ...

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    This solution of 371 words delves into the five forms of organizational configuration in an attempt to discover which form would best suite an organization like Starbucks, and it includes a variety of examples.