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Develop a paper that analyzes the chosen research: Leadership

Application of a well conceived problem statement
Use of a problem solving model
Research on potential solutions and a clear decision on a solution
Creation of implementation strategy
Consideration of success measurement techniques

This assignment helps you prepare for the final project. Identify an organizational communication concept that is particularly interesting to you and one that you would like to learn more about. Potential topics include: change management, diversity, public relations, ethics, organizational culture, organizational teams, crisis management and resolution, conflict, supervisor-subordinate communication, leadership, decision-making, and communication technology in organizations.

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Solution Summary

This solution provides guidance on completing a leadership research paper for a communication course. Included in the posting is a dicussion of leadership theory and style, as well as, suggestions for strategic communication by leaders.

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See attached file.

It is difficult to determine what you specifically need help with for your paper based on your posting. I will do my best to provide you with some suggestions and information on the subject of leadership. Since the posting referenced organizational communication and concepts associated with the field, I will try to provide you information that would apply to an organizational communication course. Portions of the information provided below is my original work and thoughts on leadership, with APA references on the writers and scholars that influenced my conclusions. You should not use any of my work below as your own. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and professors have sophisticated tools to detect plagiarism. However, I trust that you will not copy my work as your own. I will provide you with a comprehensive reference listing at the end. Any of the items referenced are either from accepted leadership scholars, from peer-reviewed journal articles, or from other acceptable sources.

Problem Statement:

Have you selected a topic/problem statement in relation to leadership? A few possible areas to focus on when dealing with leadership in an organizational communication context might be:

1. Improving leadership communication (depending on your professor and the goal of the assignment, this may be too broad and you might have to narrow the topic)
2. Developing future organizational leadership
3. Developing an effective leadership style
4. Leading change in an organization
5. Genders based barriers for female leaders.

Again, I am not certain if you have a topic/problem statement in mind or how narrow the topic needs to be for your specific assignment. Any of the areas above could be adjusted to work for your course. What specifically are you interested in about leadership in the context of organizational communication? Use this to develop your paper.

Problem-solving Model:

Based on the requirements of the problem statement you choose, your course requirements, and your professor's stipulation, you will need to determine this section on your own.

Research on solutions and a clear decision:

Okay, this is where I will provide you with information of leadership. Again, this is my original work and should not be copied. It should provide you with information on leadership and organizational communication.

This is an excerpt from a paper I did for a leadership and organizational communication course. It applies directly to my work organization and a lack of effective leadership in the organization. This should allow you to understand how effective communication on the part of leaders impacts an organization. I would like to point out that it is written in the first person, which is not usually acceptable for academic writing. It would be good information if you wanted to do your paper on effective communication and leadership:

Excerpt from paper:

Cheney's (n.d.) "Some Principles for Strategic Internal Communication" provides solid suggestions for effective communication. The five principles that resonated with my current organizational experience did not immediately manifest. Initially, I attempted to choose at least one principle from each of the four sections. However, after reflecting on the goal of the assignment further, I decided that not each section specifically addressed the current lack of effective leadership within my agency. The following paragraphs will list the principles chosen for my organization and how the readings from the semester validate this recommendation.

The first principle I chose, "Articulate goals that are meaningful, realistic, and compelling", is as simple as it is essential to organizational effectiveness. Fairhurst and Sarr (1996) contend that the role of leaders is to manage meaning through framing their planned and unplanned communications with subordinates. Leaders manage meaning through language, thought, and forethought (Fairhurst & Sarr, 1996). Through this important leadership function, employees become motivated to fulfill goals and gain initiative by better understanding the organizational objectives. Leaders should approach every conversation as a tool for framing and managing meaning. Without goals that mean something to the employees of the organization, commitment and dedication will be lacking. This will inevitably impact the bottom line or, in the case of the large state agency that I work for, the achievement of important missions.

The second principle that seemed to fill a void in my agency is "Set a good example of the type of leadership you want to promote throughout the organization. For example, 'live' an open-door policy and make use of 'management by walking around'." Fairhurst and Sarr (1996) claim leaders should establish credibility. Credibility depends largely of ...

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