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    Case Study: Instant Ads

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    Analyze the " Instant Ads" case study (attached)
    Answer question Number 1
    Analyze the case and apply business reasoning in your analysis (as it pertains to question 1, don't worry about the others). Like a consultant.

    *Use APA format, use other resources.

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    The idea of instant ads is compelling. In one sense these ads are useful to the consumer, helping them in their search for products or services in a manner that is more intuitive than ever before. However, consumer privacy is also an issue. The idea that every click made by Internet users is being monitored, sold, and then used to send advertisements back to the consumer is intrusive.

    In visiting Yahoo there were three different advertisements pictured each time. None of the ads were interesting or relevant to me now, nor were they likely to be relevant. One ad mentioned my hometown and stated, "New trick allows Oregon drivers to get auto insurance as low as $9." Other than this particular ad, the other advertisements were completely incorrect about my interests- and gender. It appears that I am not a part of the 20 percent of Internet users who "find display ads on Web sites are relevant to their interests" (Laudon & Guercio, 2012, p. 486). Part of the problem is that my Internet search is most likely misleading to those companies using beacons or Web bug. I do a lot of work on the Internet professionally so my searches range from topic to topic and are not a true picture of my personal interests. It would be interesting to reveal the information companies like BlueKai Inc and eXelate Media have on ...

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    This detailed solution analyzes the attached case study, Instant Ads, and applies business reasoning to it, like a consultant would. Includes APA formatted references.