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    Workplace Observation Paper

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    Describe the observable aspects of your organization's culture. Address your perceptions of at least three of the following aspects in your paper:
    a. How communication flows
    b. Organizational diversity
    c. Dress and language
    d. Conflict management
    e. Organizational policies
    f. Technology
    g. Artifacts, symbols, and stories

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    STEP 1

    The organization that I am familiar with is Accurate Weighing Machines. This organization manufacturers weighing machines.

    STEP 2

    How communication flows:

    1. The workers can communicate with anyone up in the hierarchy.
    2. The usual means of communication are through the computer network, phone and written memos.
    3. The use of first names, informal chats and free meeting at canteen.

    The company has always encouraged free communication among workers. One of the most significant communication methods is that of written memos. The worker at the lowest level, the entry level can write a memo the CEO and he gets a reply to his memo. In addition, any worker can walk into the office of any person in the top management including the CEO. There have been several incidents where workers have walked into the CEOs office and got their concerns redressed.

    STEP 3

    Organization diversity:
    1. At least 35% of the employees in every division are women.
    2. At least 15% of the company workers are minorities.
    3. There are person in the company from 24 different linguistic groups.

    Even though all communication is done in English it is usual to find a number of dialects being used in the cafeteria or the passages. The company prides itself in not only being a diverse organization but also a multi linguistic organization. The current CEO is reputed to know fourteen languages which he uses with different employees.

    STEP 4

    Dress and language:

    1. The company employees have no dress restrictions.
    2. It is usual to find employees wearing casual clothes to work.
    3. The meetings are always attended in formal clothes.

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