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    Writing a Workplace Observation Paper

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    3. Workplace Observation Paper*

    Prepare a paper in which you describe the observable aspects of military organization's culture. Address perceptions of at least three of the following aspects in paper.

    a. How communication flows
    b. Organizational diversity
    c. Dress and language
    d. Conflict management
    e. Organizational policies
    f. Technology
    g. Artifacts, symbols, and stories

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    You have asked for some ideas about specific observable aspects of military organizational culture. Having been born into a military family, I think that I can help you with this assignment.

    I think the MOST observable aspects of military culture would be how the communication flows, dress and language, conflict management and technology.

    1. Flow of Communication and Conflict Management.

    I will describe these two aspects together since conflict generally results in poor communication or a total lack of it. The military operates on a strict chain of command. The basic military hierarchy for the Canadian armed forces, in ascending order, looks like this:

    Other Ranks
    Pte - private (infantry)
    Gnr - gunner (artillery)
    Bomb - bombardier (artillery)
    Cpl - corporal
    Lcpl - lance-corporal
    Sgt - sergeant
    Msgt - master sergeant
    WO - warrant officer

    Commissioned Officers
    2nd lt - sub-lieutenant
    Lieut - lieutenant
    Capt - captain
    Maj - major
    Lt-Col - lieutenant-colonel
    Col - colonel
    Brig - brigadier-general
    Maj-gen - major-general
    Lieut-gen - lieutenant-general

    Different countries use different names for the same type of positions, but this list gives you a basic idea. Each individual member of the military has a commander, or a superior officer that they ...

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