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    Communications Climate and Culture

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    Communication Journal entry in narrative style about the communications climate and culture .

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    Communication climate and culture are an important part of any organization in that they impact the manner in which people share information and interact with one another. In my organization there is a concentrated effort to facilitate communication between employees and management. In part this is set by the layout of the office, with a very open space in which most employees work, separated only by low profile dividers. This adds visibility and encourages interaction. In addition, management members are easy to see and hear. Their offices surround the open spaces and have open doors and glass walls. The facility also offers a pleasant central break room that is open to all; often it is full of different people from different parts of the company, establishing bonds and exchanging pleasantries. Effective communication is in part based upon trust and openness. When people feel apart of a community they are more likely to communicate, which enhances the tone of the workplace as well encouraging interaction and synergy.
    My workplace is culturally diverse. We have a broad mix of cultures that impacts our communication, in part, by making us each more respectful of the other. I don't remember being trained when I started on the proper tone of form of communication; instead, it is engrained in the culture. The tone in my workplace has risen to the highest level. By this, I mean that in each case of communication we tend to assume the best of the other person. We realize that in talking with Mr. Pham, our Vietnamese IT manager, he will always tell us a project will be done "in a short time." He appears unable to pin down a date, perhaps because culturally he does not want to disappoint his users.
    In working ...

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    This detailed solution discusses the importance of culture on the communications climate. It explains why people from different cultures may interpret things differently or communicate in a different way. Includes reference.