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Demographics and psychographics

Develop a profile for product/company pairs below. Make sure to identify the respective demographics and psychographics for the assigned product/company pair is listed below.

1. Porsche automobile and Ford pickup trucks

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I will use the following criteria to profile owners of a Porsche vs. a ford pick up truck.

This in no way should be taken at anything besides face value. There will always be anomalies and exceptions to the general profiling, and the information on the groups should be taken in stride.

Ford: Male
Porsche: Male

Ford: These cost from 19-51 K, thus a person with a low to moderate income would be able to afford one of these cars. Income from 30,000-100,000 K
Porsche: Extremely high end income. The average price of a price of one ranges from 60,000 - 157,000 CAD. A person who drives a Porsche must earn very high income to support the payments insurance... Income of 150,000 +

Job description of driver:
Ford: Person might use pick up truck for business purposed. They could work on a farm, in construction, gardening... The car is useful to transport heavy loads, carry machinery. The car is utilitarian in nature.
Porsche: People who drive this ...

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The solution develops profiles and identifies the demographics and psychographics for Porsche and Ford.