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    Conflict and Change

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    Format and finalize your final analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River. The final version should contain information from your incremental work in each unit and additional analysis of two new topics which are:

    Organizational Change
    Organizational Development

    The steps of analysis are the same as those explained in unit 1 with one slight change in the content for step #1. Your document must also be a single version that combines elements of your earlier analytical work.

    Step #1 Introduction and Background- notice the content in this step is different for this final paper. Rather than introduce the topics, you will briefly describe the pertinent history of the organization, including its mission, vision, goals, objectives and strategies.

    Step #2 Organizational Analysis- provide the analysis of the 13 course topics. You may utilize sub-headings to ensure all 13 topics are analyzed.

    Step #3 Alternatives and Recommendations - provide recommendations for the 13 course topics. Again, you may utilize sub-headings to ensure all topics are covered.

    Step #4 Implementation with a Contingency Plan- include the implementation plan, considering the process of implementing the changes for the 13 course topics.

    work submit this week represents the version given to Kenneth Dailey and must: 1) include all necessary revisions to earlier work, and (2) be of the quality necessary for submission to a client.

    Final references and Insight is deeply
    appreciated,thank you.

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    //As per the direction in this discussion paper, we will discuss about the one of the unit of a global business organization. Green River unit of the FMC Corporation is the firm that is chosen. In this paper, I am discussing various organizational behavior problems of the Green River unit of this Corporation. In this part, we will also discuss some of the effective recommendations for the company. So, firstly we will understand about the Green River unit under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Green River unit, one of the units of FMC Corporation, confronts several difficulties. The major problem of this organization is mainly pertaining to the organizational behavior. It can be easily understood by utilizing the organizational behavior analysis because this analysis reflects the relationship between the individuals working in the company. The organizational behavior analysis chiefly comprises of four substantive steps. It includes introduction & background, organizational analysis, options & recommendations and contingency plan execution.

    The thought that a business association is determined to merely a business analysis is not true; basically it also includes a spiritual, familiar or physical effort. To recognize the relationship among the superior and subordinates and among the workers is the decisive goal of organizational behavior analysis. The overall analysis of the company not only points out the organizational performance, but also covers the following other vital aspects linked with the company. It mainly considers the ability of the managerial staff, job gratification, job design, managerial commitment, organizational ethics, goals & objectives, performance appraisal, pay, professional growth, groups & team work, leadership, communications, organizational structure, organizational culture, organizational change & development and so on.

    //Above, we talk about the scenario of the company. As per directions, now we will talk about the background & concept of the company in an explanatory manner, which will give you a clear picture of the company's actual scenario. This part is discussed under the heading of Introduction & Background.//

    Introduction & Background of the Company:

    In Chicago, FMC Corporation is grounded as an established manufacturing company. At the different sites, the company executes their operational activities. FMC Corporation has two most known units i.e. FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen. The first renowned unit of FMC Corporation is FMC Green River, which mainly deals in the production of chemicals (FMC Corporation, 2008). The Green river unit practices its business operations at the global level. In the year 1948, this unit commenced its first plant. Large numbers of individuals are working under this unit in order to effectively achieve the company's target. The company confronts various evils related to its organizational structure & design because of the large operating activities.

    In the Green River unit, most of the workers face several problems. These problems are mainly associated with the remunerations, leadership practices, job gratification, ethical issues, communication difficulties, profession development etc. Besides that, this unit also countenances the problem of ineffective organizational culture and structure. Kenneth Dailey, site manager of the Green River Unit, looks forward to build or implement several good alterations in its business system, which assist in keying out the issues pertaining to the conflicts among the several members of the organization i.e. employees and managerial staff.

    //Above we discussed about FMC Corporation, which is a manufacturing company and has various units at the diverse locations. As per the directions, now we will discuss about mission and vision of the company. Instead of directly writing about the company's mission and vision, we have to define precisely the meaning of mission& vision in order to key out the differences. //

    Mission & Vision:

    Mission specifies the organizational underlying purpose that fundamentally depicts the existnece of the business. The statement related to the mission should be a summary representation which can efficiently reflect the company's aim for survival. It is conceived as a brief subject matter in depicting the company's purpose. Mission must be effectively pre defined as per the company's target, hence it is preferably considered as the guiding map to reach out the organizational activities. The mission of FMC Corporation is to furnish best quality products to the diverse industries in order to accomplish the growing demands. Besides that, it also wants to exert proficient corporate culture in the business system that mainly supports in increasing the company's productivity.

    Vission,on the other hand, mainly specifies the intended future state of a particular organization. The key objective and strategical directions are the major aspects that are included in the vission The statement that reflects the company's vision is entirely different from the mission statement. At the high level, the company formulates its visions. The vision of the company is to capture the most eminent position and market share in the international business surroundings.

    //Above, we talked about the company's mission and vision. Moving to the next part of directions, we will talk about the objectives and goals of the organization.//

    Objectives are defined as the end consequences of the planned actions. The main purpose to set the objective is to deliver the best results to the organizations. Without pre-defined objective, no one move forward in the right direction and there is highest possibility of diversion from the actual path. The main objectives of the Green River unit are to cover what is to be attained & when it is to be attained and should be measured if possible.

    Goal is defined as an open ended statement, which depicts what one desires to carry out with no measurement of what is to be accomplished. The company's major goals and standards are as follows:

    o Attain the highest growth of the company in terms of raising net revenues and total assets.

    o Raise profitability through the increase in the net profits.

    o Maximum utilization of the company's resources.

    o Uplifting the employee in terms of employment safety, fair remuneration, assortment, etc.

    o Uplifting the society by paying taxes on time, involvement in charities, furnishing a required product or service etc.

    o Fulfill the special requirements of the company's top management (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005).

    //After having the good understanding of the background of the company, I am keying out the various types of strategies adopted by the company. The following are the main strategies such as corporate, business and functional//

    The unit of FMC corporation i.e. Green River unit formulates its plans in a very projecting way. It is very crucial for the organization to formulate effective strategy because it acts as an inclusive plan that reflects the right ways to accomplish the company's missions and objectives. With this, management can easily raise its competitive advantages by eradicating the competitive disadvantages. The corporate, business and functional are the following strategies that FMC Corporation uses to carry out the business targets. The brief description is given below:

    o Corporate strategy: The Corporate strategy is the foremost strategy, which usually adjusts in accordance with constancy, development and downsizing. This strategy mainly provides track, so that it will be easy to accomplish the growth.

    o Business Strategy: This strategy also plays a crucial role in the business that mainly equips inside two conceptions such as competitive and corporative strategy. The main target of the business strategy is to better the competitive position of the company in terms of their products & services.

    o Functional Strategy: FMC Corporation's functional strategy is concerned with their functional areas in order to accomplish the objectives ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 5045 words with references.