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The role of power in an organization: use, conflict resolution, development, restructure

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The role of power in an organization.

Using Formal power research and provide a real life example of this power.

How does the ways in which a manager uses power affect subordinates?
Why is conflict both good and bad for an organization, and what are the main conflict resolution strategies?
How do evolutionary and revolutionary change differ?
What are the goals of organizational development and why is it sometimes necessary?
Why is restructuring sometimes necessary for reengineering to take place?

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Let's focus on two forms of power in organizations: expert power and position power. One of the best examples of someone who exercises both types of power is Allan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It is unarguable that Mr. Greenspan's speeches and public behavior directly influence the behavior of both banks and the stock market. Awesome!

I shall answer from the perspective of a multidisciplinary manager. Clearly the power to reward, the power to influence peers and higher ups, the power to get and allocate organization resources including securing highly visible projects influence the organization climate in which subordinates work. Having been both a subordinate ...

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